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Affordable waterbore inspection, cleaning and maintenance.



ACS Equip provide a complete bore service portfolio to cover any aspect of your bore, whether you require inspection, diagnosis and remediation of an existing issue or an ongoing preventative maintenance program, we have you covered.

Advanced colour downhole cameras providing high quality video inspections with hole diameters from 25mm – 2000mm and Depth Capacity upto 2000m.

Whether its brushing to remove scale and rust, or high Pressure Jetting to remove fouling from between the apertures and develops the bore we can get the job done.


We do chemical jetting which is targeted chemical jetting to remove bio-fouling, iron bacteria, calcium and mineralised deposits. Our services also include bailing and foreign object removal (fishing).

We do single casing patch – localized repair over small structural failures, polymer patching – slimline remediation method, and complete bore relines – for heavily corroded or damaged bores.


ACS Overwatch®

Waterwell Maintenance & Remote Bore Monitoring System


Gain peace of mind knowing that your well assets are being cared for by a single source – the leading experts in ground water asset management.


Our Bore Maintenance Service is proven to :

✔ Increase service life of the bore

✔ Increase service life of pumping equipment

✔ Increase flow

✔ Increase output

✔ Reduce bore operating costs

✔ Reduce bore draw down level

…and more!!

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