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Aquaclear is the most powerful product available for iron oxide problems and has been designed especially for screens, wells, pumps, and pipes.

It is ideal for water supply systems that have been contaminated with iron bacteria, iron oxide, manganese oxide, and calcium carbonate deposits.

Aquaclear is safe and easy to use, and environmentally friendly – the active ingredients are organic and fully biodegradable.

By far the worst problem associated with groundwater extraction is a blockage caused by the interaction of dissolved iron and iron-related bacteria. In the past, such blockages have led to the abandonment and subsequent replacement of bores. No longer!

Aquaclear is a biodegradable chemical designed to remove the blockage of biofilm and hard encrustations that result from dissolved iron and iron-related bacteria.

Aquaclear is proven to dissolve the blockage simply and easily and allow the pump to return to normal operation within hours.

Using Aquaclear is a cost effective solution in the maintenance of water bores and pipelines. A regular Aquaclear treatment eliminates the costly down time associated with a full bore rejuvenation.

Aquaclear reduces costs by keeping the bore pump working at optimum efficiency.